World’s Grit Festival Loves Seniors!

World’s Grit Festival Loves Seniors!

Our David Sorjouner Senior Center in St. George will be participating in the World Grits Festival Parade on Saturday, April 8th. We will have a float as well as DSI staff and members in that parade! 

Did you know????

As it turned out, the people of St. George eat more grits per capita than any other place in the world!  We were the GRITS EATING CHAMPIONS!!!  Thus the World Grits Festival was born.  John Walters, one of the owners of that Piggly Wiggly, was designated as the Chairman of the first festival, which was held in April 1986, and served in that capacity until 1988.  Since the very first festival,  this weekend long celebration has drawn much attention to this small Southern town,  considered to be a bedroom community of  Charleston,  SC.  It has been estimated that the crowds during this three day event sometimes exceed 45,000!

The festival is not, however, all fun and games.  From the very start it has been dedicated to community improvement.  It provides the local folks a festival of wholesome, family fun and our students some needed scholarships,  while also attracting lots of visitors to enjoy the multitude of events that are designed to appeal to persons of all ages.

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