Welcome to the Dorchester Seniors Calendar!

Please note: Monthly calendars are finalized on the 25th of the preceding month. Example: November’s activities will be finalized on October 25.

Please check back after the 25th for the final version.

All activities are subject to change at any time.

For information contact:

Summerville Activities Coordinator

Alexandria Singletary
843 871-5053



St. George Activities Coordinator

Lindsey Huff

843 563-3709



  • To choose  the Faith Sellers Calendar, select Faith Sellers from the CENTER pull-down menu
  • To choose the David Sojourner Calendar, select David Sojourner from the CENTER pull-down menu
  • To view both Calendars, Select ALL from the CENTER pull-down menu
To view an ACTIVITY

From the Calendar, select an activity you want information on.

  • Notice it expands into a new box
    • This box gives a range of options:
      • Gives you all event information
      • Forward the event to a friend by email
      • Set a reminder
      • Upload to your personal calendar
      • Print
      • Post on FB