March 8, 2018

Executive Director report to Board of Directors                      


  • Group Dining -13,595 meals served
  • Transportation – 88,389 passenger miles
  • Home Delivered Meals — 40,440 meals delivered
  • Homemaker — 6,480 hours of service in home

All programs running smoothly. Recently needed to add a short meals route from each center, as distance/length of route as increased causing the routes be exceed holding time.


  • Activities continue to go well. Activities Coordinator at Summerville Alexandria Singletary started 1/31 and has been well received. St. George Activities is currently at an activity conference.
  • AARP tax preparation is using computer lab in Summerville every Tuesday and Thursday. Replaced pool table in Summerville, now St. George wishes to remove theirs due to lack of use and obtain move usable space.


  • Chili Supper was held Feb. 23 at the St. George Center, Profit $878
  • April 20, 2018 11:00am- 1:00pm Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
  • May 3, 2018-Senior community Event at St. George  Leigh is working with Kay
  • Hightower from the Lt Governor’s Office on Aging, (flyer was with your Board information)
  • Nov. 8-10, 2018 Silent Auction, may include a fish fry. Had I St organization meeting this week.


3 positions open

  • Home Care Aide (2 positions) Summerville 40/hr/wk
  • Driver/kitchen aide St. Geroge 20hr/wk
  • Maintenance/custodian Summerville 40/hr/wk interviewing complete, will offer position Friday


No major news since last meeting. Continue to be in contact with Mr. Ward re any options we may have for working with the county and also checking into any information of land and will forward any information to Executive Committee

Armory update and temp office space

Town council is scheduled to vote on construction bid, if approved the construction will started quickly. They still plan in completion by end of Fall, 8 months from start to ribbon cutting. Plan was to move staff from temp trailer back into main building during construction as it is anticipated that the noise would be very disruptive. This would have been accomplished with plans of sharing office space using, hallways and corner of computer lab however, Finance manager did not want to move back to main building. Finance will remain in trailer and Maintenance will move out to trailer.

Other Projects

  •  Annual budget will be presented tonight by Finance committee, Conference with Dorchester County Administrator and finance dept is scheduled for April 24th
  • Presentation to County Council is May 14th
  • Reviewing job descriptions with deputy director and HR for correct wording and appropriateness
  •  Employee handbook annual review with managers and now with Personnel committee  Space use at St. George-studying ways for more creative use of space. Will also plan to meet with MR. Dustin Lott, chair of Town of St. George building committee to introduce him to the center, show him several repairs we would like to do.
March 8, 2018

Memorandum to: Mrs. Jean Ott, Executive Director

From: Virginia Fralick, Chairperson of Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee met on March 8, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. until 5:20 p.m. at the Faith Sellers Senior Center in Summerville, South Carolina.

Directors attending were:

  1. Pat Antonsen
  2. Madlin Drayton
  3. Virginia Fralick Floyd Jones
  4. Loretta Smith

Invited to be with us was Jean Ott, Executive Director, of DSI.

A quorum was in attendance.

Elected to serve as Chairperson was Virginia Fralick who was nominated by Pat Antonsen and seconded by Floyd Jones. Alt of the Directors voted for nominee.

A motion was made by Pat Antonsen to adjourn with the motion seconded by Floyd Jones. All of the Directors voted to adjourn.

Virginia B. Fralaick

Chairperson, Nominating Committee

MARCH 6, 2018 5:00 p.m.




Present: Vernell Lee, Chair; Madlin Drayton, Virginia Fralick; David Rison; Margaret Turney, Jean Ott, Leigh Thomson, Vivian Profit

Employee’s Personnel Handbook was reviewed.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Tuesday, March 6th

Christmas Party Committee Report:

We voted on the following items:

  1. Christmas party will be on Thursday, Dec. 6th, at the Faith Sellers Center from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm.
  2. Each board member is invited and may bring 1 adult [18 or older] guest. Any newly elected members are included.
  3. The Director and Assistant Director are invited and may bring an adult guest.
  4. Tables will be decorated by Susan Gotheridge.
  5. We will have a D.J. for Christmas music which will cost $200. Additional expense will be handled by Floyd Jones.
  6. Board members will receive a gift to honor their service. {You might keep the hams a secret.}
  7. Those attending are asked to bring a wrapped gift for exchange $10.00 maximum. We will have a “steal a gift” type exchange.
  8. Those attending are also asked to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Toys for Tots campaign.
  9. The committee chairman will investigate catering options.
  10. We may need to add some money to the current budget for the party, depending on catering costs.


28 February 2018

Dorchester Seniors, Inc.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee Meeting

Members Present

  1. Emily Watts
  2. Tony Oglietti
  3. Barbara Johnson
  4. Robert Ford
  5. Pat Antonsen

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Watts.  The members discussed changes and/or additions to the Dorchester Seniors, Inc. (DSI) Bylaws as proposed by the DSI Board of Directors Monitoring Committee.

The Executive Committee voted in favor of the proposed changes and/or additions.

The changes and/or additions to the Bylaws will be presented to the Board of Directors prior the next Board meeting for a First Reading and vote at the March 8th 2018 Board meeting.

Emily Watts


February 21, 2018

Dorchester Seniors, Inc. (DSI)

Monitoring Committee Minutes

Faith Sellers Senior Center

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2 PM by Tony Oglietti, Chairman of the Committee.

Committee Members Present: Tony Oglietti, Virginia Fralick, Mikki Hunter

Committee Members Absent: Susan Gotheridge (previous commitment)

Other Board Members Present: Emily Watts

Staff Present: Jean Ott


  • The Committee had been requested by Board Chairman Watts to review the DSI By-Laws and Constitution and to specifically address three areas: to redefine the terms of office for Board members, to create a user friendly voting process for elections to the Board, and to better define the responsibilities of the committees of the Board. The people present went over each section of the By-Laws and Constitution (corrected to Bylaws and Constitution in accordance with Roberts” Rules of Order). Much discussion ensued. Numerous minor updates were made to grammatical issues and formatting of the document. Major changes were made to paragraphs V.C.3. (Board membership), VI.A.4. (Treasurer), VII.C. (Finance Committee), VILE. (Personnel Committee), and VII.F (Strategic Planning Committee).
  • Virginia Fralick motioned to accept the chanaes as presented in the updated Bylaws and Constitution; motion seconded by Mikki Hunter and approved.
  • Mikki Hunter then motioned to send the ro osed B laws and Constitution b email to the Monitorin Committee members for final review and also to the members of the Executive Committee for their review and action before oin to the full Board’ Vir inia Fralick seconded the motion and it was a roved.
  • This meant the Monitoring Committee would not need to meet again until the Executive Committee set their meeting at which time the Monitoring Committee would present their recommendations for changes to the DSI Bylaws and Constitution.
  • Next Meeting: A future Committee meeting date was not established at this time as all tasks have been completed, (Board Chairman Watts said she planned to call an Executive Committee meeting for Wednesday, February 28, to review this input.)
  • Meeting Completion: Mikki Hunter motioned to adjourn; the motion was approved at 3:40

Respectfully submitted:

Anthony (Tony) Oglietti


February 6, 2018

Public Relations Committee Meeting

Faith Sellers Senior Center

Members: Faith Sellers (Chair), Barbara Johnson, Margaret Goodwine, Floyd
Jones Jr. and Loretta Smith.
Guests: Jean Ott and Diane Thomas


  1. Appreciation of the Mayor of St. George’s letter to the Editor of Dorchester Eagle Record
  2. Received monthly list of activities for each Center
  3. Weekly activity article in Summerville Journal Scene
  4. Notice of Free Tax Preparation at Center
  5. Distribution of calling cards and locations at Summerville Chamber of Commerce and banks
  6. Listing of each Center in the publication of Senior Directory
  7. Request of full support of DSI members for fundraiser on February on February 23rd at the David Sojourner Senior Center
  8. DSI is listed on Facebook

Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm


January 11, 2018


Dorchester Seniors, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

David Sojourner Senior Center

5361 East Jim Bilton Blvd, St. George SC

 The Board of Directors meeting date and time were submitted for publication to the Summerville Journal Scene, St. George Eagle Record as well as posted at Faith Sellers and David Sojourner Senior Centers.


  1.  Pat  Antonsen
  2. Willie Davis
  3. Madlin Drayton
  4. Linda  Ensor
  5. Robert  Ford
  6. Virginia Fralick
  7. Margaret Goodwine
  8. Susan  Gotheridge
  9. Katherine  Hunter
  10. Barbara  Johnson
  11. Anne  Johnston

(A=Absent)  (N=Notified)  (L=Late)

Staff in Attendance:  Jean Ott, Brandi Chambers

  • Chairman Emily Watts called the meeting to order at 8:30am.  Secretary Barbara Johnson confirmed a quorum was present.
  • Motion to approve the Agenda:   Tony Oglietti requested that Old Business – Annual Auction be added to the agenda. Motion to approve the Agenda for January 11, 2018 was made by Barbara Johnson with a second by Floyd Jones Jr with the addition.  Motion carried.  
  • Motion to approve the minutes:   Motion to approve the minutes of November 9, 2017 with two corrections was made by Tony Oglietti with a second by Robert Ford.  Motion carried.
  • Parliamentarian:  Faith Sellers stated her notifications of the meeting to the public.
  • County Council: No report was made.  


  •  Executive:  No meeting was held.No report was made.
  •  Finance:  Chairperson Ford presented the financial report dor FY18 to November 30, 2017 and Final Results FY17. Questions or inquiries could be directed to himself or Jean Ott. A motion to accept the financial report was made by Tony Oglietti and seconded by Barbara Johnson. Motion carried.
  • Monitoring:  No meeting was held. No report was made.
  • Nominating: Acting Chairperson Johnson opened the floor for nominations from the Board for this committee. She then announced the slate of candidates from the floor as being: Madlin Drayton, Pat Antonsen, Floyd Jones Jr., Virginia Fralick, Loretta Smith. Motion to accept names as presented was made by Tony Oglietti and seconded by Floyd Jones Jr. Motion carried. A Chairperson will be selected by the Nominating Committee members. The Monitoring and Nominating Committees will work together on some occasions.
  • Personnel:  Chairperson Lee stated that the committee did not have a quorum at their last meeting but there are ongoing efforts to review and revise the Employee Handbook. First draft to be presented to the Board at the March 8th meeting. Second draft to be presented to the Board at the May 10th meeting. She requested that all inquiries, suggestions, and/or questions be submitted to her by March 15th. The handbook will be reviewed and revised every year.
  •  Public Relations:  No meeting was held. No committee report was made although Ms. Faith Sellers noted how nice the DSI senior centers were decorated for the Christmas holiday. She also noted the variety of activities, programs and fellowship opportunities that are being held at each DSI senior center. The Journal Scene and Eagle Record newspapers each list the events happening at the senior center each week. She encouraged the Board to promote their friends to join the senior center.
  •  Strategic Planning: No meeting was held but Chairman Watts stated the search for property is ongoing. A chairperson has not yet been appointed for the Strategic Planning Committee since Chairperson Tim Huber had resigned.


  • Director Ott reported that during the Christmas period food equal to two meals was sent to the homebound seniors from canned good donations. Before the winter storm, DSI staff checked on homebound seniors and assisted with their needs before the weather hit. Even though the DSI Senior Centers were closed for several days because of the winter storm, all DSI staff received full pay.
  • She also noted that the David Sojourner Senior Center would be holding a Chili Fundraiser on February 23rd. Tickets are $8 each and are available for sale at each senior center. Each Board member is asked to assist in promoting this fundraiser by selling 8 tickets.
  • Old Business: Director Ott noted that the annual auction (silent action) will take place in November 2018 at the Faith Sellers Senior Center. Item donations are now being accepted. Items are not under consignment & will not be returned if not sold. Items must be in new/like new condition. More details about the auction will follow as they develop.
  •  New Business: Chairman Watts noted that this year DSI Board will have a Christmas Party. She will select that committee with Director Ott assisting. Chairman Watts welcomed the (4) new Board members.

Chairman Watts adjourned the Board meeting at 10am.

Submitted by

Barbara Johnson