Dorchester Seniors, Inc.

  Member Handbook

Faith Sellers Senior Center,   Summerville

 David Sojourner Senior Center,  St. George





Dorchester Human Development Board was established in 1979 by Dorchester County.  The purpose of the agency was to assume the responsibility for programs that the county was operating that were of a “social service” nature.  The name Dorchester Seniors, Inc was approved at the September 22, 2004 Board of Directors meeting and the name Dorchester Seniors, Inc. received official state approval on November 29, 2004.


The David Sojourner Senior Center, located in St. George is named for the former mayor of St. George in recognition of his dedicated service to the town.  It opened in February 2002 with the formal dedication occurring May 31, 2002.  The center is 4922 sq. ft., and the building includes a computer lab, offices, large and small multi-purpose rooms and a small kitchen. The Faith Sellers Senior Center, located in Summerville is 15,819 sq. ft. and opened in August of 2002.  On October 20, 2005 the Dorchester County Senior Center was renamed the Faith Sellers  Senior Center to honor Mrs. Sellers’ years of dedicated work on behalf of the senior citizens of Dorchester County and making the dream of a senior center a reality. The center has a large 5000 sq. ft. multi-purpose room, commercial kitchen, fitness room, ceramics/craft room, computer lab and office suite. 


Dorchester Seniors, Inc. purpose is to provide opportunities to all senior citizens of Dorchester County to enhance their educational,  mental, social, spiritual and physical well-being.  To achieve this goal Dorchester Seniors, Inc. will work cooperatively with other community agencies and organizations through advocacy for senior citizens and inter agency coordination,  including assessing needs and planning actions.

Membership Guidelines 


Both Senior Centers are open to all adults who meet the minimum age requirement of 50.  For Dorchester County residents, there is no fee for the 12-month membership.  For those folks who reside outside of the county, they must pay the current out-of-county fee.  All members will be issued a membership card, which they must have in possession while at the center.  Membership will be renewed each January.            

 DSI is proud to provide the following services:

  • Home Delivered Meals – (Private pay is also available)
  • Group Dining – (Private Pay is also available)
  • Transportation from home to Center (and home again)
In Home Care

For more information on these services, please see the Front Desk. 

Health and Safety 

Members must be able to get around on their own and be  responosmokensible for their own personal care, hygiene, etc.  The centers do not provide day care, individual assistance or supervision of members.  A caregiver may
accompany a member.  Emergency contact information needs to be on file at the center. Members who need emergency medical attention will NOT be transported to a doctor or hospital by center busses, vans or any member of the staff.  In the event of an emergency, staff will call 911 and the member’s emergency contact.

nogunsDSI Centers, including parking lots and grounds, are NO SMOKING facilities.  This includes e-cigarettes and all tobacco products.

Both DSI Centers are gun free zones

Center Etiquette

shakehandsSouthern Hospitality is honored at the DSI Senior Centers.  Please assist us in maintaining our neighborly atmosphere.  If you see someone new, extend them a friendly greeting and introduce them to other seniors.  Remember how it was during your first visit?

We ask that members conduct themselves in such a manner as to not be disruptive to others and treat others as they would like to be treated.  Please remember that membership is a privilege and unfriendly or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.

Persons creating serious disruptions may be asked to leave the center by a member of the staff.  If the person does not leave voluntarily, a member of the staff will take appropriate action to have the person removed.

If attending a presentation, class or other function at the center, please be courteous and turn off your cell phone and give your full attention to the facilitator/instructor.

Please help us care for your centers.  Throw away trash in the proper containers, clean up spills or bring them to the attention of a staff member, put things back in their proper place, etc.  If you notice any maintenance items which require attention, please inform a staff member.  Thank you!

 Lost and Found – Please notify the staff as soon as an item is lost.  The centers take no responsibility for lost items.  Items found will be dated and placed in the lost and found and kept for 30 days.

If appropriate, it will then be donated.

Center Telephone – A telephone is available for OUTGOING calls only.  Please limit  calls to 10 minutes.  DSI will not accept or give messages to center members, except in emergency situations. 

Bulletin Boards – Will be maintained only  by the staff or designated volunteer.  In order to place an item on the bulletin board, you must first get approval from a staff member who will put it on display.  All items will be dated and removed after 30 days or after event has taken place.  Anything found not to have been placed by staff, will be removed immediately.

Pets at the Centers – Generally, other than service animals, pets are not permitted in the center.  The Executive Director may make exceptions for special occasions. 

Visitors and Solicitations – Soliciting, selling or collecting money or other items within either DSI Center is not permitted unless it is part of a fundraising project or event sponsored or approved by the centers. This would include asking for money, votes, contributions, etc.,. for personal use or gain.

Charitable Donations – DSI is a 501(c)(3) organization and may accept donations, both in cash and in-kind, and will acknowledge donations made to the centers.  Donations may be tax deductible and forms with the tax ID number are available at the front desk.  DSI reserves the right to use the donated items for any purpose/ activity/function or to donate items to another non-profit.

Children/Guests in the center – Children/Guests are permitted to visit the center for specific reasons and under controlled conditions.  Please be aware that children/guests are not permitted (under any circumstances) to use the equipment in the Fitness Room and may NOT participate in programs or activities unless prior approval from management prior to bringing children/guests to the center.  Children must be under direct visual supervision of an adult at all times

Classes and Activitiesfun8

If you are interested in attending any classes and/or activities you need to sign up in person. When a fee is involved, you may pay via cash or check.  If a class is cancelled by either the instructor or center, refunds for cash will be available within 3 days; Check refunds will be available within 2 weeks, once your check clears the bank.  In order to participate in any exercise class or activity, you must be a member in good standing.  If participating in an H2U class, H2U requires membership.  Please see the front desk  for more information.  Appropriate clothing and  athletic shoes must be worn at all times.  Policies  and procedures for use of the Fitness Room are  posted in the fitness room.

Teaching a Class

If you are interested in teaching a class at either center you may obtain an Instructor Agreement from the front desk or the Activities Coordinator, who will cover the requirements and expectations with you.

Computer Labfun6

Members in good standing are allowed to use the center computers.  Information on the policies for use are posted in the lab. 

Scheduled Classes

Classes are scheduled well in advance and will be listed in the monthly calendar and posted in the center lobby.  As most classes are set up for their particular use, please do not arrive for your class too early, so that our staff can change the room set-up.

A Suggestion Box is available at both centers.

Volunteers are an integral part of DSI – If you are interested in volunteering at either center, please speak with the volunteer coordinator.

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    Important Information

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